IvoryHarp (Salvi Sinfonietta Semi-Grand)

When most people think of the harp, it is the instrument of the
angels that comes to mind. A delicate, beautiful instrument of
an ethereal world. But the harp is an instrument of endless
possibilities. Have you ever heard ragtime, Harlem Nocturne,
or The Pink Panther performed on the harp?

The concert harp is considered the world's most difficult
instrument to play. With 47 strings and 7 pedals, each of
which has three positions, the odds of playing a wrong note
are insurmountably higher than playing the right one. But
this is the magic of the harp: to make it all look easy, and to
hide the pedals with a long, flowing skirt!

This instrument was custom-made for me by Salvi Harps in Italy,
and, aside from its striking tone, the ivory color makes it a beautiful
complement to any venue and occasion, particularly weddings.

Video sample
Celtic Harp (Dusty Strings FH36S)

The Celtic, or lever, harp is obviously a
much smaller instrument than the concert harp, but the main
difference is that there are no pedals, so pitch changes are
controlled by levers across the harp's neck. This means that more
chromatic repertoire is much more difficult or impossible to play.
This instrument is perfect for traditional and light popular music
with a present and full, but not overwhelming, tone and is lovely in a more
intimate or rustic/natural setting or at events with an Irish, Celtic or folk theme.

Video sample
Concert Grand Salvi Arianna
Concert Harp (Salvi Arianna Concert Grand)

This harp, also from Salvi Harps in Italy, is a true performance artist!
With an incomparable acoustic tone that fills any room, church, or concert hall,
this harp takes center stage and is perfect for concerts of any size
from solo recitals to chamber music and orchestral performances.
Its stunning look, created from over 5 types of inlaid eye-catching
woods from all over the globe, is a perfect complement to its sound.

Video sample
Ivory Pedal Harp
Harp Varieties
Celtic Harp at Joshua Tree National Park
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Electroacoustic Harp (Camac Blue)

Most people would consider the harp
a quiet instrument- well, not any more!
The only instrument of its kind in the
Coachella Valley, this electric blue
harp was made by Camac Harps in
France, has toured as a flagship
instrument with Camac's president
Jakez Francois and graced the
stages of Bjork's concerts. Now it
can grace your venue as well! This
harp is electroacoustic, meaning it can
be played without amplification, or can
connect directly to any sound system
for endless possibilities ranging from
a bit of extra volume for a lively party
to professional sound effects to rock
out with! I particularly enjoy playing Classic rock tunes on this harp, including "Dream On".

Video sample
Blue electroacoustic pedal harp
Blue Electric Harp